This Week in Borrowing: Ossi da Mordere–Crunchy Cocoa & Hazelnut Biscuits

My recent experimentation with curds, custards, and puddings has provided me with a pretty steady supply of egg whites that need to be used up. I love a good meringue as much as the next person, but when a few egg whites translate into about five dozen meringues, a person needs to find some other uses for egg whites in order to keep things interesting. Enter these crunchy little delights.

Rye Humour -- Ossi da mordereOssi da mordere. Bones for biting. Sounds nice, right? Sandra from Please Pass the Recipe posted an adaptation of these simple chocolate, nut, and egg white treats a while back. While they’re traditionally made with almonds (sort of like a French macaron, but Italian), she used hazelnuts instead and the result is pure magic. It’s a good thing the recipe makes about four dozen, because I ate at least four off the first tray before the second tray was even out of the oven. These are essentially the crunchy, dairy-free version of Nutella. I added one extra egg white because I had four that needed using up, but I would stick with three in the future as the extra liquid flattened the cookies out quite a bit. I also added a dash of salt, because I’m a sucker for salty-sweet things.

Did I mention the entire recipe can be whipped up in a food processor in less than 10 minutes?

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be looking for excuses to use egg yolks just so I can have some more whites available! This may be the beginning of a serious creme brûlée-ossi da mordere spiral… see you in a few years.

You can find the original recipe here. I made these about six days ago and they have yet to lose any of their crunch or flavour. Keep in an airtight container for up to three weeks!


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