This Week in Borrowing: Simple Apple Galette

My parents are visiting from the States (yay!) which means lots of delicious food, both at home and in restaurants, but I’ve been focusing on soaking up these two weeks rather than getting stuck behind a camera. So you’ll just have to imagine the venison stroganoff and the turkey sweet potato chili we slow-cooked at home and the tea-and-biscuits ice cream (WHAT?) from Mary’s Milk Bar in Edinburgh. Both slow cooker meals were delicious enough that they’ll make appearances here on the blog at some point, but I have to replace my slow cooker first because the lid spontaneously exploded the other day just after I washed it. Seriously. Terrifying.

Rye Humour -- Simple Apple Galette

I did, however, pause to snap a few shots of my welcome-to-Scotland dessert: a simple, rustic-yet-elegant apple galette borrowed from Deb at Smitten Kitchen, who borrowed it from Alice Waters. You can find the recipe and excellent walk-through here: Smitten Kitchen’s Simplest Apple Tart. Simple enough to assemble in the confusion of welcome-to-our-house, very lightly sweet, wrapped in crunchy, buttery perfection. I think we’ll be seeing a galette for just about every seasonal fruit between now and next year’s apples.


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