Crostini: a little something for everyone


I catered an event this past weekend and thought I’d share the ideas and photos here. The goal was something simple that could be assembled quickly with a small team and would appeal to a wide variety of taste buds. I opted for crostini topped with an assortment of sweet and savoury toppings, and they were a hit! If you’re looking for something simple to set out ahead of a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, allow me to recommend the humble crostini.


For the crostini themselves, I used par baked baguettes (which you can find at any grocery store). I sliced them diagonally in thin slices (about 1/4 inch or just less than 1 cm), arranged them on a baking tray, and baked at about 400°F (200°C) for 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway through. You want them to be crunchy and just turning brown. Underbake them and they’ll turn soggy; overbake them and your guests will break a tooth.

For the toppings, I chose five different flavour combinations:


Gorgonzola with chopped dates


Mascarpone with chilli jam


Sundried tomato paste with prosciutto and rocket (arugula)


Cream cheese with hot-smoked salmon and dill


Goat cheese with honey and apples

I’ll admit that there were a few gorgonzola and date ones left over at the end of the night, but you can’t force people to understand blue cheese. All in all, they were a hit and will be making a repeat appearance at Thanksgiving this Thursday!

All photo credits in this post go to Christian Adams, for his heroic capturing of snacks in a crowded room with very little lighting!


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