Hello, 2016! (And bramble gin liqueur, continued…)


Remember these guys? Waaaaaay back in September, at the very end of bramble season here in Scotland (blackberries, for the other 99% of the world), I fought off the urge to try to do everything and just did one thing: I jammed a few handfuls of fresh berries into a half-empty bottle of gin with some sugar, gave it a shake, and hid it in a dark cupboard.

You guys. It was worth it. Somewhere in the midst of all the craziness that has been the past two months (leaving my job, traveling to Copenhagen, having visitors, celebrating Christmas, our anniversary, and the new year, losing my grandpa, starting a business…) I remembered to welcome this bottle of berries back into the light, strain it twice for good measure, and re-bottle it.


Geoff’s eyes popped wide open when I gave him a taste. “This tastes like home! This is blackberry pie!”

So we’ve been sipping away, enjoying a little taste of summer in the Pacific Northwest while we wait for these Scottish winter days to get a little longer and brighter.

And here I am again, faced with a million directions this day could go, just doing one thing. It’s good to be back.


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