Literal Lemon Cake

Is it as rainy where you are as it is where I am?

Rye Humour -- Literal Lemon Cake

Yes? Here’s a bit of cheer for you. No? Here’s a bit of cheer for you anyway.

I bought a giant stash of cake-decorating supplies last week. A couple of friends asked me to make their wedding cake this spring, so it’s time to up my game! This is my very first-ever attempt at fondant (I made the fondant as well– no store-bought here!) and, while I’ve definitely got learning to do, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The cake itself is a lemon-almond madeira cake, filled with lemon curd, and iced (under the fondant) with lemon-almond buttercream. Fairly delish.


One thought on “Literal Lemon Cake

  1. Where is the literal lemon cake recipe? I would like to try it.


    PS. I love your easy beef and broccoli and have made it three times already.

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