Nautical Chocolate

I’m sure I’ll get back to posting real recipes again soon instead of (or along with) tantalizing cake pictures, but…


When you get new toys, you get excited about your new toys! I’m loving the fondant adventure. This one is a retirement cake for a friend’s mum, who is retiring and moving onto a narrowboat (how cool!). Chocolate cake, coffee icing, nautical-themed fondant decorations.


Literal Lemon Cake

Rye Humour -- Literal Lemon Cake

Is it as rainy where you are as it is where I am?

Rye Humour -- Literal Lemon Cake

Yes? Here’s a bit of cheer for you. No? Here’s a bit of cheer for you anyway.

I bought a giant stash of cake-decorating supplies last week. A couple of friends asked me to make their wedding cake this spring, so it’s time to up my game! This is my very first-ever attempt at fondant (I made the fondant as well– no store-bought here!) and, while I’ve definitely got learning to do, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The cake itself is a lemon-almond madeira cake, filled with lemon curd, and iced (under the fondant) with lemon-almond buttercream. Fairly delish.